Ommedya is a publishing company that focuses on industry, business, finance, design, innovation, and fashion. Ommedya was originally launched in 1993 with a team of just 10 people in a modest, 100-square meter office in Cihangir, Istanbul. Since then, it has become a media company, employing 120 people.

With its industry-specific publications, Ommedya aims to assist the development of industrial and professional minds as well as create added value. Ommedya aims to deepen Turkey’s intellectual and economic thinking and aid the country’s contributions to global knowledge through its periodicals focusing on economic developments.

The company’s design- and innovation-focused output is intended to assist the development of a design culture, consolidate the connection between the local and universal, and enhance social creativity.
The shopping and fashion based publications of Ommedya support Turkey’s retail businesses and provide value to consumers.

Ommedya corporate materials enable internal and external communication between its partner publishing institutions and brands in the most reputable manner possible.

The most striking characteristics of Ommedya are ingenuity and its innovative perspective when it comes to product development. Ommedya handles all the processes related to its publications in-house. In 2010, the company added digital publishing to the conventional publication offerings it has been providing for 23 years, and thereby expects to increase its share in the publishing industry.